West Warwick is located in Kent County, Rhode Island covering around 8 square miles with 30,000 residents, making it the tenth largest population in the state. It is the youngest town to be acquired It is a good option for buyers looking for an affordable price point, several great golf courses, and good access to nearby Warwick and Coventry.  

West Warwick is a former cotton textile mill town. The Lippitt Mill was built in 1809, making it the second oldest in Rhode Island after Slater Mill in Pawtucket.  The Lippitt Mill is on the National Register of Historic Places, and is one of the earliest textile mills in Rhode Island and is one of the oldest American textile mills still used for manufacturing,

Lippitt Mill

 With a median home value of $176,100, West Warwick is one of the most affordable towns in Rhode Island.  West Warwick is also a nice pocket for multi-family real estate investors, with more total multi-family sales than Warwick and Coventry combined.   Heading into West Warwick whether via New London Avenue or Wakefield street the landmark will be a nice local golf course.  Both the Valley Country Club and West Warwick Country Club are featured attractions for both residents and non-residents alike. Matt's Team has a very successful track record selling in West Warwick and if you'd like an instant complimentary home value sent to your inbox in minutes then click to the link to find out more about the market value of your West Warwick Home.