North Providence, Rhode Island, a community with Italian roots and flair, is a classic town with a median price value of $189,600. The high sale, as of October 12th 2015, was $480,000 for the year.  For Rhode Island residents who are looking to get close to the capital city of Providence with roots heading westward, North Providence is an ideal location. The town has over 32,000 residents, over a 5.8 square mile radius and a median family income of $53,000 (courtesy of Wikopedia 2015). North Providence is ideally described as a convenient suburban ring of Providence, with an active commercial district centered around Mineral Spring Avenue and a middle class price point with affordable options for first time home buyers.  

North Providence is bordered on the west by Scituate, and Lincoln and Smithfield to the North. North Providence could also be seen as the transitional area between urban Providence and the northern RI suburbs, where the median sales prices for single-family homes are much higher between $245,000 and $261,000 for 2014.  The North Providence median price is approximately 34% less than Lincoln.  For more information and/or a detailed analysis of the value of your North Providence property, please feel free to check out our Home Trends Report and our system will show you recent sales and activity in your neighborhood.  

Our team understands the vibe of the town and knows how to get the job done in this iconic RI location so please consider us if you dream of buying or selling in North Providence!