Hopkinton is a town in Washington County, Rhode Island with a population of 8,188, as of the latest census in 2014, is a small rural town that is part of the Chariho District, bordered on the north by Richmond and to the south by Westerly and Charlestown.  With 81 single family home sales in 2013 and 83 in 2014, Hopkinton represents about 25-30% of the sales in the Carolina or Chariho District.  The median home value is $272,000 and prices are on the rise.  Hopkinton is spread out and culturally another ideal pocket for hunters, fishers, small farmers, hikers and nature enthusiasts.  Real Estate wise in areas like Hopkinton City there is also a significant variety of historic homes.  Per Wikopedia some of the areas to check out in Hopkinton are below:

National Historic Places




Hopkinton is convenient for commuters with great access to I-95 and particularly from the southernmost section, the plats and villages surrounding Ashaway; you're only about 20 minutes from the Breachway in Charlestown and most of the beaches in Westerly.  With abounding beauty, ties to our ancestors, proximity to RI's most convenient highway, as well as glorious coastline nearby and an affordable entry price point for South County, Hopkinton is an exciting option for lovers of peace and tranquility.  For more information or an instant evaluation of your Hopkinton RI home, please check out Our Smart Home Tool and we will generate an instant, free property evaluation and neighborhood report for your review!